Finishing Process

Turned Creations

All turned pieces are sanded statring with 120 grit and gradually sanded to a 600 grit. Upon completing of the sanding, the piece has a hand-applied finsh followed by either a hand rubbed wax or a three-step buffing process which includes applying a wax finish. Each piece has a smooth, luxuorious feel upon its completion.

Non-Turned Creations

Every non-turned piece of art undergoes a six-step process for its finishing. The finishing process begins with applying oil and hand-sand with 220 grit. After allowing the oil finish to cure, the process is repeated using 320 grit sand paper and then 400 grit sand paper. This hand-rubbed oil finish is followed with a three-step buffing process that includes the application of wax and results in the piece having a smooth lustrious shine. The wood now has what some have described as a sensuous feel to it.